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Month: January 2017

Playing the Game with Sim Coins and Sim Resources

Posted on January 3, 2017  in Game Reviews


IF you live in a well planned city then you are one of the lucky few to enjoy all benefits of good living. But if you involve yourself in SimCity, you can become a Mayor and build a well planned city. Building a super residential area filled with Sim people and providing parks and beautiful landmarks around the city is the most beautiful part of building a new city. Citizens need proper transport to move around the city. Another basic requirement is the education department for kids to get knowledge. This city is almost like a real town where citizens show their happiness when they are happy and their displeasure when they face hassles or disturbances in the town. Other important things that the residents require are water facilities, proper drainage facilities and power so that they can go around doing their daily activities.

The game revolves around coins that are required to continue the play. Coins are generated through playing the game by selling materials, selling craft materials, etc. These coins are required to purchase inventory and other essential items to renovate and upgrade buildings and for purchasing inventories. Land can also be purchased with these coins when doing expansion work while it can also be sold when not required.

The fascinating feature of SimCity BuildIt is the realistic feature of the city. The structures of buildings are superbly and realistically built. The visual presentation is a treat to watch as cars zoom by in order, traffic signals control the traffic, street lamps burning alongside roads and people walking on payments doing their shopping and being continuously busy. There are timers that go by while the city continues to stay alive with everyday life. Basic factories such as coal, bricks, mines and power have to be factored into the city to provide various things for the city to function such as building buildings, generating power and providing various employment opportunities. All these require money such as building of factories, to produce goods, to upgrade stores and provide public facilities.

As the player continues his game, he keeps upgrading his levels where he can use his resources innovatively to earn rewards like golden keys that will give him better options to use when he proceeds with the game. These are used to upgrade industries, go in for specialization of cities, etc. You can earn a lot if the population is 100% happy. You require a good population size. Without spending much on expansion which requires a lot you can make the existing factory keep producing products. Keep the residential area far away from the factories as pollution from factories cause a lot of dissatisfaction to the residents. By well stocking the storehouses and stores, you can keep the factories working without losing time so that there is continuous supply of goods. If the storehouse is over-stocked, you can sell the extra stock for a profit and make money out of it too. You can also avail coins and resources for free using simcity buildit hack tool which gives you limitless features in the game.